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One profile, countless benefits.

I Am A Title Agent

* Calculator & App Bundle- give your clients access to your fees 24/7

* Your own mobile app published to the app store and google play store

* Have your own branded website fee calculator

* Branded with your logo, color selections, company details, fees, and services

* Automatically populate as an option for consumers, lenders, & realtors in our marketplace

* Seller Net Sheets, Loan Estimates, and Closing Disclosures can all be downloaded or emailed in seconds from the calculator and app

I am a Notary:

* This is your opportunity to manage your own business, through membership in our National Notary Marketplace.

  • We offer exposure to real estate focused users, such as title agents, lenders, buyers, and sellers

  • You set your fees, we don’t

  • Quick and easy self-set up

  • You receive 100% of the fee you set, we do not receive and transaction fee from you.  We charge an annual $49 membership fee for inclusion in the network, that’s it.

  • You control the messaging in your profile, we don’t

  • We believe that you know best how to manage your business through your own business practices – such as promptly responding to inquiries, both email, and phone

  • You make yourself available in our Notary Marketplace to users nationwide, looking to engage a notary, most often for real estate closing assistance.

* This is NOT a “managed” notary service – TitleClose provides the software for a notary to advertise their business and capabilities.

  • Your profile contact information is open to the public – that’s why they might call  or email you directly

  • You might receive an order directly via email or phone from someone who has a need for a notary, or you might receive an order through the TitleClose software

    • You set your own fees directly, TitleClose does not control your pricing, you do.

    • TitleClose does not monitor your responsiveness, you do.

    • TitleClose does not receive any “transaction” fee from your orders – you keep 100% of the pricing you quote.

* Quick and easy self setup

* Personalized customer service

* Automatically populate for thousands of customers across the United States

Take a look at the Title Agent Experience:

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